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 The Ranking System

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The Ranks are as follows (in descending order):
Leader, Second in Command, Protector, Reservist, Servant, Guard, Scout, Spy, Diplomat, Secretary, Poacher, Treasure Hunter, Thief, Murderer, Governer, Muse, Counsellor, Chosen One, Guide, Mentor, Recruiting Officer, Breeder, Merchant, Apprentice, On Trial, Torturer, Deserter, Nuisance, Penitent.

This is the order of rank and the order of which members deserve the respect of the guild. Persons of higher ranks have priority in terms of guild services and paddocks. Those who do not respect the chain of command will be reprimanded.

These are the ranks that govern the guild.

The highest rank in the guild. There is only ever one leader of "The Velvet Shadow" and he takes rank above all other members but holds council with the Protectors. The current leader of the the shadow is Machival its first leader and founder of the clan in the world of 12. The Leader has all rights and is responsible for training the Collectors for the guild.

Second in Command:
I as the name suggests the second highest rank within the guild. Along with the Leader and the Protectors the Second in Command guides the clans actions in the world of 12.

The Protectors:
There are only ever 12 Protectors of "The Velvet Shadow" including the Leader and Second in Command. There is only ever one of each race, if ever a decision needs to be made the collective minds of the protectors present devise the solution and all must obey. Protectors have the right to ban members from the guild and to customise the guilds paddocks and mounts. They also have command over the collectors earnings but can not train them. Though "The Protectors" have the right to increase a guild members rank they may not grant them rights; that power resides solely in the hands of the "Leader" and "Second in Command".

The Reservists:
Though these are positions of no particular authority, reservists have been hand chose by the Leader to eventually take their place as Protectors of the guild once they are strong enough to command the power of the guild. Though rights are granted to these fortunate few, they can not manipulate other in the guild beyond the exp contribution. As always, if a right is abused then the accused party will be demoted to Penitent and all rights are removed, along with the guilds respect.

These ranks can be earned by anyone above lvl 20 and can be awarded by the guild's Protectors.

A member of the guild who has proven their loyalty by means of service to the guild. Be it by exp contribution, a donation of kamas to the guild's establishments (Paddock, House) or have held a rank of service for a substantial amount of time. Nothing is rewarded in "The Velvet Shadow" more then loyalty. And thus, outside of "The Shadow Council", this is the highest rank even outranking Guard.

A member of the guild who has acted in assailancy for the guild, a member who has killed in the name of "The Velvet Shadow" truly deserves our respect

A member of the guild who has inspired a great change or proposed a course of action so clever and innovative to the council as to the extent that they are granted a special rank.

A member who has helped a suffering member of the guild through any hardships they may face in game or out.

Chosen one:
A member of nondescript temporary honour who the Council has selected to be rewarded for a short period of time. Guild members should respect the Chosen One for that period of time in which they hold this rank as they have helped the guild to a recognisable extent.

These ranks are not defined solely by loyalty but by level, skill, and specialisation's.

A strong active member of the guild. Outranks all but the Protectors and Servants. Have access to paddocks.
Requirements: lvl 35

A member who has an alignment and is of said alignments spy class.
Requirements: Alignment lvl 20, Attentive Eye of Bonta OR Putrid Eye of Brakmar.

A member of the guild who has surpassed the trial levels.
Requirements: lvl 20 with 1000 exp contributed.

Persons surpassing the trial period who have applied or asked for positions of duty within the guild. Commitment to these ranks will be rewarded by the council with a Servant rank. As added payment, Ranks of Service will be granted with the necessary rights needed to perform their duties.

Any person beyond the trial period who will willingly search for Percs or mobs for hunts. They can also find good locations for placing collectors.
Requirements: Proven activity within the guild.
Rights: Place a Collector

A person who is friends with other guild leaders or has joined our cause from another guild. The current friends of "The Velvet Shadow" are:
-The Breakers
-The Knights of the Dofus
Requirements: Members of Rank from other guild in friends list.
Rights: Invite Members

A trust worthy member of the guild who will maintain the fact that exp contribution and ranks follow the guidelines of the guild.
Requirements: Proven loyalty to the guild, must be well known to the council.
Rights: manage ranks, manage exp contribution.

A person of proven leadership who will be responsible for all on trial members. They must maintain order in terms of exp contribution and will inform on trial members of the rules of this guild. A governor is also responsible for monitoring all torturers, nuisances and penitents.
Requirements: A strong sense of authority.
Rights: manage exp contribution.

A person who has a proven knowledge Dofus quests, items and has constant access to the wikki.
Requirements: enthusiasm towards the guild.

A person who will willingly train those members who are On Trial until they are both lvl 20 and have contributed at least 1000 exp to the guild.
Requirements: Must be strong enough to speed lvl lower levels.

Recruiting Officer:
A member of the guild who is responsible for recruiting players from outside the guild either to join our ranks or to join us on the battlefield for hunts, dungeons etc.
Requirements: Contacts out side the guild, knowledge of the recruitment channels.
Rights: Invite new members

A member of the guild who is responsible for maintaining the private dragon turkey paddocks. They can catch the mounts and/or fit out the paddocks.
Requirements: Spell required for catching dragonturkeys and/or profession handyman.
Rights: Use the paddocks, fit out the paddocks, manage other members mounts.

A member of the guild who can and will access various sellrooms around the world of 12 at the request of guild members looking to buy items but are unable to gain access to the required sellroom as they are of incoherent alignment or are F2P. A merchant will also keep note of the items a guild member is looking to by and will alert the guild member if they find a good price at a merchant stand.
Requirements: knowledge of bargain prices, 1 of each alignment.
Rights: will have access to the guild safe.

These ranks hold no authority as they are under punishment or are new to the guild.

On Trial :
This is a newly recruited member of "The Velvet Shadow". a guild member will remain on trial until they have contributed 1000 points of experience to the guild and are at least lvl 20. On trial members CAN NOT apply for a rank of service and have no rights.

A torturer is a member awaiting to be sentenced or is under suspicion of disloyalty to the guild. Once a member is accused of crimes against the guild from either misuse of their rights or for insubordination, they are place under the rank torturer and are revoked of all rights. If the defendant is found innocent, they are returned to former rank and all rights are reinstated. If they are found guilty, they will be labelled a Penitent.

A member of the guild suspected of being inactive. If a member is inactive for some time they are placed under the rank of Deserter. No rights are revoked but if the member does not sign in for some time they are kicked by the council. If any member of the council or secretary notices a deserter sign the deserter will be reinstated and will be informed of their suspected inactivity.

A rank given to members who are on trial but are under warning that they may be too annoying or too disrespectful to make the rank of apprentice. If the attitude of these member does not improve they will be kicked by the council.

A member of the guild who is being punished for crimes against "The Velvet Shadow". They are revoked of all rights and demoted until they have learnt from their punishment. Normally a penitent will quit the guild... if they don't.. they probably deserve a second chance.
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The Ranking System
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